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Yea...im guessing i have to do this so called "Survey"...ugh

Name- Frank "ToFu" A------

Age- I am 12

Top 5 Bands- Well my top five favorite bands in order have to be
1. Green Day- Ive liked them for a while. I went and saw them October 28 2004. That was a great day.
2. Blink-182- Ive liked these guyz longer than i liked green day. Which is a long time. I also saw them on July or June 4 i unno.
3. Reel Big Fish- I saw these guyz 2 times. Onece last year and once this year. They are my favorite ska band. They put out great music. listen to them they rock.
-----Well thats my THREE favorite bands..the rest is too hard to choose from.

Top 5 Books- R you kidding me i dont read. But it would have to be 1. Loser, 2.Holes, 3. Saving Private Ryan....i unno ne more.

Top 5 Movies- My most favorite movie HAS to be...
1. Saving Private Ryan- Of course it is a World War 2 movie. I watched it many times. It is a very gory movie, if u have a quezzy stomach (or just dont like them coming out *u c that in the movie too*) this Rated R movie isnt for you. Tom Hanks is in this!
2. Catch me if you can- I really liked this movie because it is a true story about a kid who imitates professions. I love this movie, its very interesting. Tom Hanks is in this!
3.BAND OF BROTHERS- ANOTHER world war II series on HBO. This is very cool, it follows the 101st airbourne. 82nd company i unno. But its very interesting...the training. TOM HANKS'S SON IS IN THIS! LOL.
4.Full Metal Jacket- This is a veitnam movie. It has the 2nd most intense opening scenes...(saving private ryan has the first!)
5.Platoon- Good movie of vietnam of a good sergant and a bad sergant....yea

Top 5 cds-Well...
1. Dude Ranch-Blink-182
2. Dookie- Green Day
3. Blink-182..-Blink-182
4. i unno wat its called but the 2nd CD by- New Found Glory
5. i unno wat its called but a cd from the used- THe used
Top 5 Songs- Again..."well"
1. Man Overboard- Blink-182
2. Stay Together for the kids- Blink-182
3. Brain Stew/Jaded- Green Day/Green Day
4. Anthem- Blink-182
5. A box full of sharp objects- The Used

Where did you here about this community- Who else? Tal...duh?

Other stuff-Well i am in a thing called a Clan. This is basically a team online for video games. Online playing Call Of Duty:United Offensive i am know either as "Punk" or "PunkToFu" or "ToFu". My full name in-game is- -={8mM}=-PunkToFu. I love playing wit these guyz. I go onto a microphone and we talk to eachother. We face other clans...its awesome. The site is http://www.8mmclan.com/ There...Oh i play the drums. I have been playin the drums for about 3 years now. I have a CB set wit zildjian cymbols. I can make em sound really good. Its soooo cool. I also play Bass. Im just starting to play em so im not too good yet. In case u mite not of known ToFu is a vegetarian food. That is my nickname is football and baseball and online gameplay. I am a vegetarian, and i have been one for about a year. and i always will be one. I like being one, i get to try new food. So yea...
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